White jeans have come into fashion this summer . From top to bottom, this color covers the lower part of the body, communicating that it is warm and sunny around. It is easy to choose a top for them, since the classic shade and cut allow you to combine bright and pastel fabrics, as well as tight and oversized garments. If you are the kind of girl who definitely creates images in accordance with the latest trends, then you should definitely learn how to create outfits based on a white pair of jeans.

As soon as summer comes to town, you need to change boring gray and black clothes for light ones. And therefore, the ideal solution would be to buy exactly white cotton trousers. With them, you can combine bright kits that will be relevant in different style directions, for example:

  • for office bow,
  • for sports,
  • for casual,
  • for street style.

Of course, do not forget about the exactingness of white. First of all, it is able to visually increase the volume of the body. Therefore, you need to skillfully handle it: create a color balance with the upper parts of the clothes. Secondly, it is indispensable when you need to create a clear line of the figure. And skinny jeans will do the best with this. In white, this model will give the legs a contour. And if you also pick up the top in the same light shade, then the total bow will visually stretch out the height, which will be a winning solution for girls of low and medium height.

White jeans: how to find your perfect model?

So that the update of the faux leather peplum top does not lead to a dead end, and new images are easy to collect for everyday purposes, it is better to find out in advance which model of stylish jeans suits you best. Fashion does not always meet the requirements of women, since the figures often do not correspond to the model parameters, and everyone wants to wear bright trends. Therefore, we recommend starting small: with determining the proportions of the body. Thus, you will have a description of the shape, which will become the basis for the selection. And fashion offers the following current styles of jeans from white cotton:

  • skinny,
  • straight with a turn,
  • boyfriends,
  • balons,
  • mom jeans.

The main trend this season is the emphasis on the hip and waist. Therefore, pay attention to options with a high fit. A stylish solution would be to create an outfit of tight trousers along the thigh line, but at the same time with a free cut in the area of ​​the calf muscle or ankle. A feature of trends is a torn edge, which further conveys the freedom of the whole image. Therefore, white beautiful jeans can become your ideal model:

  • with a high waist,
  • shortened by a cuff or podvart,
  • ankles shortened to the middle with a ragged edge,
  • with deliberate wear on denim.

White is preferred by those women who confidently draw attention to their legs. Therefore, if you are a confident girl and want to give the impression of a stylish beauty, be sure to create an outfit based on white straight jeans in the summer.

What can I wear with white jeans?

By themselves, jeans with a high rise and cropped hem are already a practical base for creating outfits. And if you also add white color, then it is easy to pick up shoes, accessories , and, of course, the upper parts of the wardrobe. An excellent set for the summer will be white classic skinny jeans and:

  • crop top,
  • blouse,
  • shirt with print,
  • sleeveless jersey T-shirt.

It is even easier to combine any model of pure white jeans with a T-shirt in black, blue, red or any other shade. Moreover, a plain bottom allows you to pick up a bright print or pattern on top of it. Therefore, you can combine unusual T-shirts and T-shirts with white plain jeans.

Modern fashion trends inform women about freedom of movement, but at the same time leave the opportunity to emphasize all the advantages of the figure. Therefore, in the new outfit, you can demonstrate the thigh line with the help of jeans that are not only tight, but also looser.

If you find it difficult to combine new white cotton pants with other details of your wardrobe, then for a fresh look, simply use one of the three tips.

A ready-to-wear outfit is guaranteed to be stylish if you dare to pair a white bottom with neon colors. Bright spots of paint in ultra-colorful shades are orange, lemon, indigo, pink, light green, turquoise. That is, use any white jeans and bright shoes, a handbag or jewelry.

Create an outfit with a nod to the extravagant 1970s when hippie culture was at the forefront of fashion. This is easy to repeat today with a long sleeve top or a tie-dye print T-shirt (similar to cloud streaks in a blue sky). More info to visit: https://officeloginz.com/