Whether a woman is following fashion trends or not, the question “what to wear” still sounds in her head. The second question that often bothers the female mind is “what to buy” from the clothes, so that the new details of the wardrobe are combined with the old ones. If you do not know where to start the update, then we advise you to purchase one or more shirts. With them, you can create 10 fashionable new looks and feel irresistible.

Varieties of women’s shirts

When it comes to a blouse, the first thing that comes to a woman’s mind is an office look. But reputable fashion publications and social media are destroying this stereotype. Freedom of choice is in trend today, so the shirt freely roams from conservative style to romantic, from country to grunge or marine.

Use the following shirts to create a casual look or a stylish new look for your outfit:

  • white classic cut (with a sharp collar and long sleeves);
  • monochromatic of any shade (pink, brown, blue);
  • in a cage or strip;
  • speckled or small square;
  • with embroidery;
  • with art print.

A contour print on a white background is a win-win for casual style. Choose bold options such as asymmetrically applied facial images, geometric patterns, and bolder images like stars or fish. Also, to update your wardrobe, you can buy a shirt not in a classic cut, but in a modern style, for example:

  • with a cutout on the back,
  • with asymmetrical cutouts on the sides.

If you decide to buy clothes with a bright print, then do not hide the drawing behind your belt. When choosing a plain fabric, complement the look with bright accessories: a necklace, a bracelet or a peplum belt.

Shirt and skirt

Most likely, in your wardrobe there is at least one skirt of a simple style: straight cut or pleated. But as soon as you buy a jacamo discount code well-tailored shirt in your size, you will want to purchase a few more skirts. The same new thing can be approached:

  • pencil skirt;
  • in a small fold (pleated);
  • length of midi, mini or maxi.

The main thing is to skillfully combine the color of the shirt with the color scheme of the bottom. If the top is monochromatic, then the skirt can be bright, and vice versa. For young girls, a bow made up of a short skirt, a shirt tucked into the belt, and jeans are suitable.

Shirt plus pants or jeans

What pants do you wear most often? If the answer is classic with arrows, then choose one of the following types of shirts for them:

  • classic cut with a high collar,
  • with a short stand-up collar,
  • with a slit for the smell.

If you have pipe pants, then take a closer look at the options with a small pattern. So your image will be quite stylish and at the same time modest. If you are creating a look based on your favorite pair of jeans, then feel free to choose bright colors. For example, light gray or light blue jeans in trendy mom-jeans fit perfectly with a shirt:

  • in a cage,
  • with a print on the bottom edge,
  • with side slits and asymmetrical folds.

Shirt and shorts

If you like to wear shorts, then choose a decent top for them. Short shorts can be balanced with a long shirt, some of which will be tucked in and some will fall freely. It can be completely unbuttoned by adding a bright T-shirt to the plain shorts. Or opt for denim shorts and a white blouse with flared edges. This combination has not left the trends for the last couple of years.

Creative images with a shirt

Creative images are not as complicated as they seem at first glance. After all, this is a standard combination in an unusual design. Grab one of the ready-made accents below and you’ll be in the spotlight:

  • cropped trousers and a crew-neck jumper over a shirt with a pointed collar, plus brightly colored pumps and a clutch to match the shoes;
  • Mom jeans, white sneakers, a basic oversized T-shirt and blouse plus a backpack bag;
  • put on a classic shirt backwards, wrapped in a large jacket and a sheath skirt, leaving only the ankles open (emphasis on shoes and accessories);
  • a vest made of plain thin wool over a blouse in a small square will perfectly play up a boring bottom made of a simple skirt and comfortable office shoes.

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