You might have never thought of it. The cold and dry air of harsh winters can leave your skin feeling irritated, itchy, and red. In such situations, you have to make your skin prepared to fight off such instances and follow the best skincare routine to retain all the natural moisture of your skin following various remedies and bringing reliable products such as natural CBD serum.

Winters can be very tough for your skin if you don’t take ample care of them since our skin is prone to irritation, dryness, and itchiness. You would feel that there are no escape routes when cold and blustery weather outside makes your skin feels raw while the heat inside the house takes away the moisture from the air and your skin as well.

There is so much winter enjoyment you can capitalize on such as sitting with friends around a bonfire but the same thing is responsible for drying up your skin. And although a hot shower seems like a perfect idea to relax after a long cold day to warm things up, the same warm water will dry out your skin by eradicating the natural oils.

Let’s look at the top picks for providing you healthy winter skin:

1. Bring in a humidifier for maximum moisture retain:

This winter, investing your money in a decent humidifier will ensure that your natural moisture of the skin is retained while you are working at your office or relaxing at home. Dry winter takes away the hydration and you want it to keep hydrated as well as use CBD oil face serum. You can place or use the humidifier in the room you would be spending most of your time in with your family.

2. Keep switching thermostat on and off:

It would be a good idea to lower or off the thermostat once a while to avoid unnecessary dryness during the cold chilly days. Although this might seem the opposite of what you have thought, this central heat can take away the moisture from the house and skin pretty easily. A good temperature to maintain in the thermostat for healthy skin would be 68°F to 72°F.

3. Spend less time in the shower and use mildly hot water:

Another tempting idea in such cold weather is to spend a long time in a steamy shower and the best thing would be to provide yourself with a lukewarm shower for 5-10 minutes. Two more instances where you should avoid using hot water is for washing hands and face since sometimes your skin can turn red telling it is too hot. It has been studied that cold water washing of the hands removes more germ compared to warm water.

4. Ensure your cleansers are gentle and fragrance-free:

Choose the wrong soap and in no time you would see that your skin becomes dry and itchy. For instance, an individual who uses regular bar soaps has ingredients and fragrances that promote irritation. A better alternative in this situation would be to use a fragrance-free gel or moisturizing cleanser. The winter skin problems can be best avoided by using less soap in every situation. So next time, skip on the extra lathering process especially when the soap is applied to feet, hands, genitals, and armpits.

5. Make changes in your current facial-skin care routine for improved results:

You might like to bring in some new introductions since its winter and the usage of cream-based cleansers, toner, and astringents can be reduced significantly. Most of the astringents have alcohol in their content and that would result in dried skin. When you see that your facial skin is dried up, go with the CBD soothing seruminstead of using all these products that have alcohol and fragrances content since it will help in retaining the natural oils of the skin. You can apply a moisturizer as well on your face during the night.

6. Sunscreen is important. regardless of the weather:

Whether it is a shiny cloud or a grey winter day, do not skip on using sunscreen. Studies have revealed that when there is a bright winter day, the snow outside tends to reflect 80% of the sun’s rays which eventually increases the risk of exposure for you. Did you get the idea right? Whether you are passing by or simply spending some fun time with friends playing in the snow or relaxing there you cannot skip on the sunscreen. This is because it plays an equal role in protecting your skin the same it does during summer.

7. Keep up the moisture level, especially for hands:

To maintain healthy skin, you need to moisturize that after washing. Lotions are preferred during warm, humid climates whereas a cream or ointment should be your go-to-choice during winter. Use CBD oil for wrinklesfree face and don’t forget the hands as well since they end up making the most of the beating. More info to visit: http://officeloginz.com/