A dab pen is a battery-operated, pen-shaped device that is intended for mobile use like a vaporizer but was specially developed for concentrates. Dabbing Rig refers to a water pipe suitable for extract consumption, similar to a bong, which, with the appropriate accessories, such as bangers made of quartz glass or titanium grade 2, is of course also suitable for dabbing at a headshop like tokeplanet.

Full setup includes:


With this you can dab your shatter or wax out of the container and apply it to the nail/banger.


The terms nail and banger distinguish the design of an essential attachment part, which is placed on the dabbing rig like a bong head. Nail or bangers are usually made of titanium or quartz glass and are heated electronically or with a gas burner so that the concentrate can be vaporized and inhaled on contact. Quartz bangers are usually associated with improved taste, while titanium nails are said to be particularly strong and durable.


Needed if you don’t use electronic solution to heat banger or nail. Heating with an electric heating coil is particularly convenient . This allows you to bring your Nail/Banger to the desired temperature, down to the degree.

Carb Cap:

Is optional and helps to store the heat better in the banger or nail when dabbing is more flavorful at lower temperatures.

Working of Dabbing:

Dabbing might sound complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes as easy as riding a bike.

Heat up the banger/nail

Depending on the type and thickness of the material, flambĂ©ing for 15-25 seconds is a good starting point. When you’re done heating, let it cool for a few seconds (30-45 seconds) for optimal flavor. Here you will quickly gain experience and find your personal optimum.

Allow to cool and pick up concentrate

While the banger/nail is cooling down, or before that, you can pick up some concentrate with the tip of your dabbing tool. Start small here, half a grain of rice – that’s really well-intentioned advice!

Inhaling and dabbing Now start inhaling

your dabbing rig and only then bring the concentrate into contact with the hot nail/banger at the appropriate hole. The order is important here, as the material vaporizes instantly on contact and flies away if you don’t draw. If you have decided on a carb cap, you can now put it on the nail/banger and continue inhaling. If a white, dense steam develops in the water pipe, you have found the optimal temperature and did everything right. Again, practice makes perfect!