Your business’ floors can be a marketing or sales powerhouse. Are you using your floors to their full potential? While visual cues can be created through store windows, traditional signage, and wall displays, there is no doubt that floors are a great marketing tool. Floor mats are also becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their marketing benefits. Custom logo door mats are no longer a tool to clean floors, but a marketing tool that brings in sales.

These Custom Logo Mats Can Be Hard To Miss.

Floors hold the greatest marketing advantage, as they are difficult to miss. Over 80% of the information our brain processes comes via our senses of sight. One of the primary things we see in a store is the floor. With strategic placements and creative visual design, custom floor mats can be a marketing advantage.

Logo Mats Are Fully Customizable.

Logo mats can be customized to suit your marketing plans, rather than regular carpets or flooring. Custom logo mats are an affordable way to make a statement.

Personalized Floor Mats Offer More Affordable Marketing Options.

Custom logo mats for businesses are easily the most cost-effective way to advertise your company. They last longer than posters and signage. They also offer floor protection, which will save you tons of dollars on flooring replacement and repairs.

Choose The Right Mats To Suit Your Needs!

All logo mats are not created equal. Some logo mats are superior to others. Other mats may not be worth the effort.

Our specialized mats for logos provide the functionality you need and the design advantage your business deserves.

Superior slip resistance to protect customers and employees from slips-and-fall accidents

Premium quality printing to enhance the visual appeal

Strong materials that can withstand heavy foot traffic and last a lifetime for your business

Advertising And Marketing For Free

Every opportunity to promote your logo is a good thing. When it comes to putting your floor mats, however, you have to be creative. Although it is obvious to place your mats in your business, this is not the only option. Sponsorships should also include safety and functional mats. It’s a win/win, as it saves the recipient some money, and also allows you to market and advertise. Your logo floor mats are a great way to promote your brand, even in your business lobby.

It’s Visually Appealing.

For custom-made rugs, you can create a unique design that will add a touch of creativity to the space. This could be as simple as a logo that is in a different color than your mat. However, there are many options. The technology used to create custom-made rugs that featured logos has improved tremendously.

Floor Mats Keep Your Business Looking It’s Greatest

Millions of trips to the emergency area each year are due to slips/falls. Floor mats and rugs are likely to be your main reason for adding them to your business or lobby. Your mats may only be there for safety purposes but you should also consider how they will keep your business clean. These mats can be placed at your entranceway to remove any dirt, debris, or water from your patron’s shoes and those of your employees.

Use To Part Of Your Display

For special events or conventions, you might want to add a floor mat to your display. The floor mats are a great way to personalize even small popup shops and displays. It is a simple yet effective way to advertise your business if you are selling products or services other than your normal place of business.