A first date is one of the most anticipated events in a girl’s life. It comes with the thrill of meeting someone new and exploring the possibility of embarking on a new journey.

The first thing that comes to our mind is how to dress up for the date. Who doesn’t want to be charming and impressive? You want to put your best foot forward without overdoing things.

And ‘what to wear’ is never an easy choice. A lot of things go into creating that perfect look, jewellery being one of them. The right kind of jewellery can bring your look together and make you stand out.

But, what piece should you pick out?

Here, we have sorted your jewellery for that very special date. Just use these tips to learn how to choose your jewellery:

  • Consider the time of the day: Your jewellery will be decided based on whether it’s a fun day date or a cozy evening out. For a day date, choose a pair of sleek drop earrings or stacked rings, and a charm bracelet. For an evening date, you can be a little more dressed up and choose between an elegant pearl string, a cocktail ring, or earrings with coloured precious stones. You can also transform your daily use necklace by adding a chunky pendant to it.
  • Match your jewellery to the occasion: It is very important to match your jewellery to the occasion for you to look in place. If you are planning for a dinner date, consider a cuff bracelet and stud earrings. If you both plan to enjoy dancing, wear jewellery that’s functional and not too delicate. You can choose a choker necklace, stacked rings, and chunky earrings. If it’s an outdoor date such as a walk on the beach or a picnic at the park, you can opt for some boho chic. Experiment with wood and beads jewellery, stacked bracelets, and maybe an oversized nosepin.
  • Accentuate your features: All of us have one feature that we absolutely love. If you have a great set of collarbones and a thin slender neck, accentuate that with an interestingly patterned necklace. It could be a geometric necklace or a long necklace layered with a couple of shorter ones. If you have beautifully manicured hands, try midi rings and swirl bracelets. Else, go with simple and trendy gold bangles such as those studded with diamonds or oval designs with a filigree design.
  • Be minimal: While all of us like to dress up for dates, it is easy to go overboard, especially with jewellery. On a date, it’s your personality, quirks, and qualities that should shine through and not your jewellery. Save your over-the-top pieces for weddings go minimal on your date night. Choose one impactful statement piece that will be the center of attention. This could be a pair of impressive chandelier earrings or a light choker necklace.
  • Be feminine: A date is an amazing occasion to dress up nice and be all flirty. Adding a bit of romantic appeal through your jewellery to make your date feel special. Add subtle and charming colours, designs, and patterns that will help you look elegant and classy. You can choose pretty floral earrings, a brooch with a peacock or butterfly motif, or a gorgeous pearl pendant.

The key to having fun on your date is to be comfortable with what you are wearing. Your jewellery should accentuate your personality and never overpower it. To make that amazing first impression, don’t go with the trends. Have fun with your jewellery and don’t hesitate to experiment.