Plywood is widely used for interior and exterior construction. It serves as a major material to make cabinets and furniture. It also serves as a smart flooring option. Plywood is used as a subfloor by many. People who love classic homes prefer to use plywood for exterior wall covering. Interior walls are made with the help of plywood as it increases the elegance of any apartment. And much more can be done with this wondrous building material.

As we discussed, plywood is used for different purposes. It gives a classy look to the interior and exterior of a house. Plywood furniture pieces are more attractive and are more affordable than other materials. Hence, it is one of the most convenient and cost-effective materials used popularly worldwide.

Plywood is made up of thin sheets of wood veneer that are attached together to make a thick and flat sheet. The core and panel veneers are placed at a 90-degree angle to one another to strengthen the sheet. The alternate structure angles can make the final plywood stiffer and durable. Plywood is manufactured from both hardwood and softwood trees. Gurjan, Poplar, Eucalyptus Radiata Pine, Hoop Pine, Lauan, etc., help in plywood manufacturing.

Plywood is of various types. Most people choose regular plywood for construction. Marine-grade plywood is selected for installation in challenging weather conditions as they are more durable. Marine-grade plywood is a waterproof plyboard – it gives protection against moisture, snow, and water and provides unbeatable service in extreme situations.

Marine-grade plywood is more expensive than regular plywood. It is used in many cases. They are best suited for enhancing interior design. Most people install waterproof plywood for better protection and longevity.

Why is waterproof marine grade ply better than regular ply?

Many people may not choose to buy Marine grade ply as they are expensive. But, there are valid reasons for choosing marine plywood.

  • The thin sheets in marine plywood are attached with waterproof adhesive. It means that the sheets don’t get loosened if exposed to moisture or water.
  • The sheets are strongly glued with waterproof adhesive. The marine ply is protected in severe climates against moisture or sun rays. Thus, marine plywood is more durable and stronger than regular plywood.
  • Thin marine plywood is capable of withstanding more pressure. A thick sheet of regular plywood cannot do the same.
  • There are negligible spaces between each layer of sheets in marine plywood. In contrast, the gaps in regular plywood are a bit more. This makes the waterproof plywood more durable, long-lasting, and structurally strong.
  • Marine plywood is more malleable in contrast to regular plywood. This means marine plywood can be cut and bend easily to fit into different shapes. Marine ply is the best material to make cabinets. It is great for designing furniture.
  • Itis a better subfloor and floor option for long-lasting service compared to the regular plywood.

Final Overview 

Marine ply is a top-rated plywood option. But it cannot be purchased from regular plywood shops. The plywood price would vary according to the type you are using. In a moisture specific condition, there is no alternative to water-resistant marine plywood. In terms of durability, it is unbeatable. Choose plywood considering the purpose of usage and your budget. Consult an expert to get assistance before choosing.