Office Setup

Microsoft Office or simply Office is a perfect amalgamation of purpose-specific Productivity Tool. This globally accepted software suite has become an industry standard when it comes to time-consuming manual office work. Apart from its intuitive design and efficiency, it’s user-friendly approach contributes to its massive popularity. This approach ensures an extremely convenient and quick process for performing the Office Setup. 

office setup

Download Office Setup

  1. Begin the Office Setup process by opening a commonly used Web Browser on your Computer.
  2. Now, go to “”.
  3. After that, click on “Softwares” followed by “Office”. You will find the “Softwares” tab at the top left-hand side of this window.  
  4. On the following window, you will get details of the available Office products. Therefore, you must go through the details properly and make an appropriate selection. Then, click “Buy Now” underneath the selected product. 
  5. Thereafter, the Office Setup requires you to access your Microsoft Account. Hence, enter your registered Email Address and Password. Then, click “Sign In”. However, in case if you don’t have an existing “Account”. Then, create a new one by following on-screen prompts. Thereafter, login to the Office Login Account.
  6. Subsequently, move to its Cart window by clicking on the Cart icon located at the top right-hand side. 
  7. Then, closely review the details of your selected product including its final cost. After that, click “Checkout”.
  8. Once again, it will prompt you to log in to your Microsoft Account if you aren’t logged in yet. Hence, log in to your account to make payment.
  9. On the following window, select your preferred Payment Method. Then, provide the respective Payment Details. Finally, confirm your payment.
  10. Consequently, it will add this product to your Account. 
  11. As such, go to the “Subscriptions” section of your Account. Then, locate this product and click on the respective “Download” tab.
  12. As a result, the downloading process for Office Setup will begin. Hence, wait for it as it will take time.   

Install Office Setup

  1. First and foremost, search your system for the downloaded Office Setup File.
  2. Then, double-click on it and open the file.
  3. Now, click “Run” on the following Security Prompt pop-up box.
  4. Thereafter, permit installation on the next “User Account Control” window by clicking on the “Yes” button.
  5. Next, you must review the Software License Agreement on this window. Thereafter, accept the terms by clicking on the “Agree” tab.
  6. This step is only for Mac users. If you have a Mac device. Then, properly log in to their Microsoft Account. Subsequently, click “Continue”. Thereafter, provide your Mac Administrator ID and Password. Then, click “Sign In”. 
  7. As a result, Installation for the Office Setup will begin which will take time. Hence, wait for the same.
  8. Once the “Installation” process completes, you will get a “Confirmation” message. Hence, click “Close” to exit. 

Activate Office Setup

  1. To begin with, search your system for installed application suite. 
  2. Then, you must launch any one of the applications that you want to activate. For example, Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.
  3. Consequently, its User Interface will appear on your screen. Here, you must click on the “Activate” tab. You can identify the same by looking for a “Key” icon. However, Mac users must click on “Get Started” and conclude the activation process.
  4. However, in the case of a Windows device, you must access your Microsoft Account. In other words, enter your Email Address and Password properly. Then, “Sign In” to your Account. 
  5. Thereafter, carefully review the Software Licence Agreement on the following window. Then, accept the terms by clicking “Next”. 
  6. As such, it activates this application to conclude Office Setup. Here, it is important to remember that every application must be activated separately to complete Office Setup.